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Aluminum, strong and light. And it doesn't rust!

On the product of the building door window, aluminum alloy door window gets favor in building engineering domain. Aluminum alloy doors according to aluminium casement doors, aluminium sliding doors, folding aluminum alloy doors, aluminium closet doors. But with the development of technology and the diversification that decorate means, from traditional plank surface to glass, cloth art, cane makes up, from aluminium profile for sliding wardrobe doors, aluminium closet doors to partition door, the function of aluminium profile for sliding wardrobe doors and use range are expanding ceaselessly. And the aluminium casement doors are divided into open single doors and open double doors.

Aluminum alloy doors are widely used in indoor aluminium casement doors, outdoor aluminium sliding doors, outdoor sunroom doors series, aluminium profile for sliding wardrobe doors, aluminium closet doors, bathroom doors, or other locations.Aluminum alloy door adornment effect is strong, the surface is shiny, can make it different color and modeling, have a modern feeling, beautiful and easy effect extremely!

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